Nov 6, 2016

Speaking a Second Language

Learning a foreign language or a second language is an asset. You can learn any language within a short period of time.  A completely new approach to learning foreign languages has been devised. It focused on becoming a language hacker rather than a language learner.  Speak in a Week is the fastest and most effective approach to speaking a new language. 

In case your plan is to visit a foreign land withing another 3-4 months for business or any other purpose and intend to stay long, is it not nice to speak to strangers and your to-be partner/associate in their own language with a smile on your face ? Wow it is great! Attract more people and learn more about their custom, culture, behavioural pattern and much more and make a solid foundation of your own persona. 

 If you talk to a person in his/her language you are directly touching his/her heart.  If you are in your country even than speaking a foreign language add feathers to your personality.  

You can work as an interpreter in your own country as a freelancer where businessmen from abroad come for business deal and earn decent income You can join as a faculty member in educational institution, start your own coaching classes where you can teach foreign language besides core subject like engineering, finance, management etc.
   Students like a tutor who is capable of imparting much more knowledge in addition to core academic subject  and you will find much more students joining you in comparison to other coaching classes. You can work as a tourist guide as well.

Aug 13, 2016

Learn JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Are you a student ? Do you want to make career in world leader ERP? Are you interested to add additional skill to your present job and step up on the ladder of your career path ? 

If your answer to above questions is 'Yes', then this is the best place to know about one of the best ERP Applications - Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne was developed by J.D. Edwards, and the first version of the ERP suite was released in 1997 under the name JD Edwards OneWorld. The name was changed to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne after J.D. Edwards was acquired by PeopleSoft Inc in 2003. In the year 2005, Oracle acquired PeopleSoft. The following year, Oracle announced that it would continue to develop and support JD Edwards EnterpriseOne indefinitely.  

You can learn various JD Edwards modules

Jun 30, 2016

Earn While You Learn

Now a days there are ‘n’ number of ways and means to Earn Money.  It depends on ideas.  Ideas can be converted into action to generate money. People interact with each other over the internet by social media, share ideas and views. Any idea developed in mind can be searched to get more insight and knowledge which can then be converted into action to generate money. 

Traditional ways of earning were to open a shop, manufacture something, provide some sort of service etc.  In all these, one has remain physically present and spent many hours. Time has changed. In the era of Internet one can work any where and can earn money.